Monday, October 17, 2011

How to Teach Your Kids to Keep Their Bedrooms Clean

For those who have kids may already understand that getting kids to pick up their clothes, toys, and other items is not easy. They also know that they want their homes to stay neat and clean, so they need to teach their kids these habits. Kid often thinks that a room is his/her personal space, and there shouldn’t be necessary to keep it as clean as parents need.

As parents, you have to be able to teach your kids how to keep their bedrooms clean and neat. Here are some tips for you to motivate your kids to keep their areas clean and free of too much mess.

Teach Your Kids to Keep Their Bedrooms Clean
1. Praise your kid. Sometimes, punishment is necessary, but praise for good decisions and actions often works better as a first choice. Praising children can keep them motivated to pick up their messes and keep their rooms and play areas clean. This is especially true of young children, as they are often very interested in earning their parents praise and respect. 

2. Give allowance to your kids when they can keep their room clean. It is not meant that one should bribe kids, but offering kids an allowance for keeping the cleanliness of their rooms and play areas is certainly common practice today. Some people may think that it is never appropriate to reward children with money, but kids often receive an allowance, and they have to learn the value of money and how to handle it at some point in time. An allowance should be appropriate to the child age and the work that the child performs. If the work is not done, the money should be withdrawn.

Keep doing like this, and praising a kid for doing things done correctly, a kid can be motivated to keep his or her areas clean and neat. Teaching your keep how to keep their bedroom clean is not easy or made it for one day. Parents should be patient and start teaching your kids step by step.