Friday, September 23, 2011

Cambodian Kid

When we talk about Cambodian kid, some people might not know where the kid comes from because those people don't know what is Cambodia. But if we talk about Angkor or Angkor Wat, those people might recognize it. Actually, Angkor Wat is located in Cambodia.

Cambodian kid named Tey.
In Cambodia, kids are treated as the baby bamboo, who gonna replace the bamboo so they have to be taken care well. Most of the middle and high class parents buy gift for their kids and bring them to the kid playground on International Children Day because it's the only they have a lot time to stay with their family.

The parents treat their kids very well because they believe that the way they do to their kid will be returned back when they get old. Cambodian parents understand that be a good parent is the best sample for their kids to follow when the kids growing up.

Every festival in Cambodia such as Khmer New Year, Pchum Ben Day, Water Festival, etc., all parents bring  kids to visit their grandma and grandpa in the province. At the same time, they also offer some fruit and money the grandma and grandpa.   

With a good looking smile face is small kid named Tey or full name Vatey. She lives in a Khmer-Chinese family that's why her face doesn't look like Khmer at all. "I always get a pretty cool gift from parents on International Children Day. I love my parents, they are so good to me", said a small kid Tey. "My parents never forget me on that day even their work is pretty busy", she said added. Tey said that her parents are good sample for her. When she grow up and get married, she will do what her parents do to her grandma and grandpa.